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Ember McLain ([personal profile] rockisdead) wrote2017-04-04 09:18 pm

permissions for kingdom comes


Backtagging: i live for this yes please
Threadhopping: fine by me, feel free to let me know too so we don't mess each other up
Offensive subjects: nothing in particular!

Hugging this character: sure why not, reaction will depend on how attractive you are to ember. ember may initiate contact/invade your space to mess with you
Kissing this character: same deal
Flirting with this character: sure. bonus points if you're cute tho.
Fighting with this character: do it i dare you
Injuring this character: i'm down son lemme know if we're headed this way though
Killing this character: i mean technically a ghost but we can work something out?? same as before
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: all good by me


none yet in kingdom comes! her hair still seems aflame, but can't actually be weaponized and doesn't seem to hurt anybody. your arm will just phase right through it if they try to touch it.