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Backtagging: i live for this yes please
Threadhopping: fine by me, feel free to let me know too so we don't mess each other up
Offensive subjects: nothing in particular!

Hugging this character: sure why not, reaction will depend on how attractive you are to ember. ember may initiate contact/invade your space to mess with you
Kissing this character: same deal
Flirting with this character: sure. bonus points if you're cute tho.
Fighting with this character: do it i dare you
Injuring this character: i'm down son lemme know if we're headed this way though
Killing this character: i mean technically a ghost but we can work something out?? same as before
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: all good by me


none yet in kingdom comes! her hair still seems aflame, but can't actually be weaponized and doesn't seem to hurt anybody. your arm will just phase right through it if they try to touch it.



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Name: Lepo
Timezone: EST
Personal Journal: lepo @ DW
Player Contact: lepowned @ plurk / lepomang@gmail.con
Characters in Game: N/A

Name: Ember McLain
Canon: Danny Phantom
Age: Technically undead/immortal - has the appearance of an 18/19-year old.
Suitability: Ember already has a very free personality, and the idea of sexuality fits near-perfectly into her already-established image. She, of course, has villainous intentions, and wouldn't mind flirting or having sex with others just to further her own gains. However, she is affable enough, and it's possible she could be made just the tiniest bit less selfish by her surroundings.
Canon Point: Post-Girl's Night Out.
History: While Ember's backstory is never really touched-on in the show, bits and pieces of it were mentioned by those who worked on the programming back when it was still airing. In addition, her theme song, Remember, also seems to hint at something resembling a backstory. I'll be working off both of these for this section of the app.

Ember grew up in the '70s, back when hard rock hit it's peak and Gene Simmons ruled the world. She grew up listening to the genre, and it became a major influence on every single aspect of her life. The girl aspired for stardom, though ended up receiving the exact opposite. When she started to go through the typical rebellious stage in high school, not many seemed to follow her lead, and Ember became something of a social outcast. She was subjected to just what you'd expect, becoming the subject of bullying incidents and cruel pranks near-instantaneously. This culminates in Ember being humiliated by a boy who had asked her out as a joke, and she reaches her limit. Heading home heartbroken, Ember is killed that night when a mysterious fire burns down her home, and she dies as a nobody.

But life goes on, and she is forgotten. Who would care about her? She was a nobody. No friends, no legacy, just some unpopular dork, just another name in the obituary section of the newspaper. Now a member of the rowdy afterlife and their 'Ghost Zone', Ember couldn't help but be disgusted by how quickly she fades away in the eyes of the public. She wasn't going to be another name, she wouldn't be another name. No, Ember's goal manifests itself in due time. They would remember her. She would make them remember.

Ember finds a portal back into the real world, after a bit of preparation, and she starts a comeback tour. With a hypnotic guitar and a gang of ghostly cronies, Ember starts a music career that takes the world by storm. Her hit song, "Remember", dazzles the youth population across the world over, and she becomes a superstar overnight. Her musical style inspires that same spirit of youth rebellion that she once possessed, and she's well on her way to dominating the entertainment industry, if not the world itself.

It's in the unassuming town of Amity Park, a hub for ghost activity, that things start to go south for her. Ember holds a concert here, streamed across the world, in an attempt to finally gain the recognition and position that she so utterly deserves. But local hero and half-ghost, Danny Phantom, not only ends her reign, bu utterly humiliates her in front of millions of fans in the process. Ember's legacy is forgotten, and she is left a nobody once again.

Angry and out for revenge, Ember once again aspires to take over the world, but finds herself stopped at every corner by Danny Phantom and his gang of misfit friends. Though she keeps getting sent back to the Ghost Zone like some drawn-out comic book villain, it'll end soon enough. Everyone will remember her.
Personality: Much as she has traded her human body for her current incorporeal form, Ember's own personal trauma has since been traded off in favor of an ego the size of Amity Park itself. What remains of her personal trauma is her own need to be remembered, and she still fears being forgotten more than anything. But that little personality trait doesn't have to act as a nasty reminder of her old life. It perfectly plays itself into her new life: that of an egocentric rockstar.

What was once a phase of teenage rebellion has now become an afterlife devoted entirely to the concept, with McLain completely branding herself with the imagery and spirit of her former idols. She is very much obsessed with typical teenager ideology due to this, possessing a mindset that is nothing short of anti-authority and obsessing with the idea of revolting and revolutions. She hates the idea of authority figures, and is quick to goad her teen listeners into revolting against their parents and teachers and such. It almost becomes stereotypical at a point, but lord knows Ember doesn't see that, nor does she care. Rock stars are too cool to care.

When coming into actual contact with Ember, you'll find that this imagery is indicative of her actual personality, to say the least. She's rude and sarcastic, and fueled entirely on prideful arrogance. Every encounter with Ember is likely to include at least three insults, no questions asked, and she treats arrogance like it's adrenaline. She has the mindset that she's quite possibly the biggest talent that the music world has ever seen, and given her own talent, nobody would've considered her wrong back in her home-world. But there's no doubt that Ember's personality is built on the idea of being a memorable one. Nobody would ever forget an encounter with Ember McLain.

With that essence having set itself up as the core of her personality, what follows is a sense of having fun. This goes hand-in-hand with that beloved imagery, and almost sets her up as something of an anarchist in regards to her place in this world. Society is a problem, your parents are holding you back, and Ember is gonna tear it down and have a blast doing it. She's not a villain who enjoys killing for the sake of it, and certainly isn't going to get herself off by blowing up cities or robbing banks, but may Pariah Dark himself help you if you get in the way of her cause.

There's an obvious sense of distrust that comes as a package deal with Ember, particularly when she's interacting with men. But that's not to say that Ember is incapable of forming connections, and she often finds refuge with kindred spirits and other music lovers. Forming actual meaningful connections with Ember, trying to pierce something that even remotely resembles a soft side, will take an incredible amount of time. But if you wanna go drink some booze, have a jam session, and paint the town red with her?

That's speaking her language.
Abilities/Weaknesses: Ghost Physiology - As a ghost, Ember is capable of the standard-issue powers all members of her species possess. These include:

* Limited Flight/Hovering

* Temporary Invisibility

* Intangibility (the walking through walls kind)

* Possession/"Overshadowing"

* Light Pyrokinesis (Ember's hair is constantly aflame)

Chanting Augmentation - Ember's powers and durability greatly increase when those around her chant her name. This leads to some increase in physical strength and healing, and is indicated by her flaming hair growing larger and larger.

She also has a weaponized electric guitar, and some degree of hypnotic ability whenever she sings.

Yeah, she's a little overpowered.
RP Samples: 1.

2. Ember has been doing far better for herself than anyone would have ever expected of a girl of her status. Decent housing, very comfortable income (especially for someone who advertised herself as a street musician) and a small-but-expanding circle of influence. Her more illicit methods might have given her a bit of an advantage...but it was pretty amazing what a girl with her skillset could do without some dweeb ghostboy trying to get in her way, wasn't it?

She arrives at the Mistress's castle in style - albeit a style that simply was not for her. Though her dress certainly carried the same sex appeal she advertised herself with, keeping one leg constantly exposed for prying eyes, dresses really weren't her style to begin with. This whole place really wasn't her thing. Ember stuck out like a sore thumb, and certainly wasn't in her usual mood, crossing the crowd and would-be suitors with narrowed eyes. She enjoyed parties well enough, but this didn't really seem to be a party so much as a gathering of stuffed shirts and blue bloods. Her idea of a party typically involved loud music, some drinks, maybe some anarchy and rampant destruction...where was any of that here?

Alright, fine. We can work with this. Ember approaches the first stranger she sees, some weirdo redhead who is showing way too much skin, and grabs her shoulders. Ember addresses the stranger with a dry tone, and her hair flares up just a tiny bit.

"Yo, dipstick. I'm feelin' pretty bored, and this really isn't doing anything for me. Wanna go find a room?"

About fifteen minutes later, Ember remembered how much she loved people screaming her name. It was then that she realized she could work with this.
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"this is ember, honey-pop. i'm probably too busy rocking out to care who's calling. leave it at the tone."


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